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Vic's Healthcare Concierge Services- Healthcare related needs, questions, answers when you need them.

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Legal Concierge Services

Let us Advocate and Educate you on the Medical Merits

Spend your time on the Legal Merits and Increase your Legal Value by using Medical Professionals to review Medical Merits.

    Physician Consultants:
  •     Assist attorneys with review of the Medical Merits of case
    Legal Nurse Consultants:
  •     Provide pro-active audits for defined scope to decrease legal opportunities
  •     Personal approach to performing in-house consultative services
  •     Identify clinical and operational events to review
  •     Provide expertise in a financially expedient manner with clinical excellence
  •     Assists attorneys in navigating the Healthcare Wilderness
  •     Defining applicable standards of care
  •     Summarizing and interpreting medical records
  •     Developing chronological timelines with reports
  •     Assisting in preparation for courtroom exhibits
  •     Locating and interfacing with expert witnesses