Concierge Service- What you want when you want it

Vic's Healthcare Concierge Services- Healthcare related needs, questions, answers when you need them.

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Individual Concierge Services

Consultations are available to be provided in person in the comfort of your home or location of your choice. Virtual access (Computer conference) can be provided for any long distance family members that wish to attend.

VHCS provides PERSONAL customized consultation in the following areas:

  • Medication Review and Education
  • Discussion & education of medical history
  • Educate you or care providers on special needs
  • Educate on preventative measures
  • Co-ordination & Communication with physicians for medical care
  • Review of Medical Bills for questionable charges
  • Enhancement of communication with loved ones on difficult topics
  • Develop healthcare approach to meet individual challenges
  • Promote open dialogue about senior issues for self of loved ones
  • When to notify an Elder Attorney
  • How to advocate for loved ones
  • End of life questions and discussions
  • Cognitive/ Physical appropriate living condition