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Healthcare use to be simple- if you got sick you went to see your “Family Doctor” or he came to see you. Over the years “the family doctor” has become your “Primary Care Provider” (PCP) and seldom if ever do they come see you; even if in the hospital more often than not they have someone else seeing patients- those are “Hospitalist”. You can make an appointment and go see your PCP but if you call them for an urgent need often they send you either to a Ready Med / Urgent Care or a hospital ER.

Today we have PCP, Hospitalist, Urgent Care Providers and of course Specialist. One concerning issue for most of us is seldom do these physicians/ providers talk to each other even about your health issues -(check out the article Who’s Coordinating Your Care- Dirty Little Secret). They all do their own thing; what they think is best for you at that moment. There is a lot of talk about “patient centered care” but the model just defined is anything but “patient centered”. Physicians want to do the right thing but at times they get swallowed up with all the changes in how to deliver the best care, how to make referrals and then there is the billing process and coding issues for physicians.

Today with the utilization of forward thinking solutions developed by physicians to remove some of the above issues we see a unification of need, people, technology and processes delivering alternative solutions to the exhausting past of running all over the country to see or be seen by your PCP or other consulting physicians.


Technology does provide access to physicians via cell phones or computers for quick questions "related to" simple nonlife threatening issues for self or family. BUT there are more significant possibilities- and those are available TODAY. AARP Article

Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services has identified successful business solutions and incorporated them into our offerings for our current and future clients. The healthcare industry is still working on how to share information between physicians, between hospitals; and patients are still asked to go get certain records prior to a visit. I am here to not only tell you but SHOW you how by allowing the patient to maintain their individual home health record, providing access to those at time of need to those that need the information eliminates hunting for social history, medications history, medical history, surgical history and any test results deemed necessary to be part of the medical record.

Today your PCP can see you, talk with you and provide an examination, then document the visit and order medications (non-narcotic) with a direct script to your pharmacy; and you never had to leave home, take time off from work or hunt for another Urgent Care Location.

Disclaimer- there are some emergency situations, high risks issues that will still require a visit to the ER- but many of those trips can be eliminated.

Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Service is not a typical homecare company. Our focus is to educate, advocate and bring the best solutions to market that can provide needed solutions to our communities within the healthcare circle.