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Aging in Place

Full Circle America (FCA)

Dr. Teel and the FCA team believe it is critical to fundamentally change eldercare now due to the demographic, economic, and social realities of aging in America. In addition to writing and speaking widely on the topic, he has spent almost a decade refining an operational model to implement the principles of his approach into a sustainable service business for the FCA team and the constantly increasing elder community. He feels that we can reconfigure existing community resources to immediately address the goals and aspirations of our senior community, and by so doing, create an inter-generational community that benefits all of us.

Dr. Teel is addressing the senior community by involving and addressing behavior and social economic values at the individual level thus impacting each community. His commitment to our senior population growth and medical needs of the future is demonstrated by his development of FCA Solutions by integrating people, attitudes and technology.

Vic’s Healthcare is honored to work with Dr. Teel and FCA to provide long term solutions to assist with keeping seniors in their homes, safely and economically for as long as possible.

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