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Entrepreneur Opportunity

Are you a Registered Nurse looking to make a real difference? After more than 4 decades as a Registered Nurse and with the "new healthcare" being put into place- I saw, heard and finally realized I needed to do something different to meet my primary reason of becoming a nurse. "I wanted to help people".

"DO" something different to help people is exactly what I am doing and loving every minute of every day. The energy, enjoyment and rewards are so great I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do more. My friends and family keep telling me to slow down that it is past time for me to retire; I say I am just doing what I love; it really isn't work at all😊 .

If you are interested in exploring a personal one on one conversation on how I may be able to help you start your own Nursing/ Healthcare Concierge Buisness please send me an email ( or call me direct (989) 205-0511 on my personal cell.

As much as I love what I am doing, I can't do this alone and there is so much need all over our great country. I believe I need to share the path of success with others. I am a nurse; I learn, I do, I teach and that includes teaching others how to enjoy nursing as a Private Concierge Nurse.

Please give me a call (989) 205-0511