Patient Rights Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities


Your doctor is considered the subject matter expert for healthcare related to the reason you are seeing that particular doctor. Cardiologist take care of your heart and circulation, Orthopedist takes care of your bones, and so forth. When you hire an expert, it is a good idea to follow their advice or at least discuss options if you disagree.

As the patient (the consumer) you have rights and with rights come responsibilities. Your rights are to know and understand why care is ordered and how it is to be carried out. It is that right of knowing that provides you the responsibility of doing or following those directions.

Doctors order care, nurses explain and educate on the care, patients carry out the care and ask questions as needed. Your individual healthcare is a team approach and you are the most important person on the team. If you do not understand your care and follow the doctor orders, there is no way you will achieve the best results. So why is following doctor orders important; to get as healthy as possible and or to achieve the best pain control. All this is to provide a higher level of quality life.

If you do not know or understand why a doctor is prescribing you certain meds and or treatments ask your doctor or have someone you trust go with you or call the doctor’s office for you and find out. It is your right and responsibility to know and understand. Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services is available to assist with learning more about your particular health situation, medications and or treatments.

Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services can also provide suggestions to other agencies that provide personal hands on care when needed and other community resources.