Medication List

Importance of Home Medication List

The “home medication list” is a very critical piece of information in the safe and effective care of everyone. Keeping an updated list of not only the medication but other details will provide necessary information to your doctors that can make big differences in your health.

The devil is in the detailsJ.  If you do not already have a list of your medications with the following details please make one today, keep a copy with you at all times and remember to update after each doctor appointment. It is also important that a family member or a friend that is your healthcare advocate maintains an updated list.

Med Name How Taken

(by mouth, on skin, shot..)


(10 mg….)


(every 6 hours, 3 times a day)

Why Taken

(why do you take this med)

Last Taken

(if stop taking record when)


(who ordered this med)



When considering your medications; all medications regardless if prescribed by a doctor or if taken from over the counter (vitamins, pain meds, nutritional supplements, others) needs to be included for an accurate listing. The importance of this list cannot be emphasized enough. It isn’t just the medications but the potential interaction of some medications that can become a major issue. Incomplete or wrong medication list can be a major cause for medication errors at the time of being admitted to the hospital or when undergoing any medical procedure. On Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services website we have a link  that also addresses this important topic.

Some basic understanding of why this is so important are listed below:

  1. Helps the doctor to know what is working or has worked in the past
  2. Some drugs can imitate physical symptoms (dizziness, fast heart rate, general fatigue and others)
  3. If incorrect information is given at any time then you may begin taking the wrong medication, or the wrong amount and that could lead to serious issues.
  4. Some medications should not be taken together and if multiple doctors are prescribing medications they each need to know what the others are ordering.

So, take time and make that list NOW!