Importance of Knowing Home Medications

What medications do you take?  Do you have a list of your medications with you? When was the last time this list was updated?

The above are all questions you hear every time you visit a doctor, hospital, emergency department, dentist office or really about any place you are going to receive medical attention.

Not having an accurate home medication list is a huge concern at the time a patient is admitted to the hospital or sees a physician where medications need to be addressed. Medication errors are common and can significantly harm patients. An important component is the medication history, which is often incomplete and inaccurate. Current studies suggest that this is a common and worldwide problem. (Medication Errors: The Importance of a Medication History!po=34.2105)

Please keep a log of your medications to include the name, dosage, how often you take it and who ordered it for you and why.
This list of medications needs to include all prescribed medications and all that you take from over the counter.

Also keep an updated list with you at all times for your own medications and anyone that you are responsible for their medical decisions.


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