Do Not Go Alone

How many times did we hear from our parents and then as parents tell our children, “Do Not Go Alone”?

Well I am here today to tell you Do Not Go Alone into the Healthcare World. If you are not familiar with this world you will easily become lost and or confused very quickly. The fear will drive you to doing whatever “others” tell you just so you can get out of that world and hopefully back to the world you do know.

Healthcare has and continues to be a changing animal. Healthcare industry actually has created many jobs around “change in healthcare”, “consumer focused healthcare” and “patient satisfaction”. Healthcare seems to be moving towards a model of selling something and the consumer buys without much if any research. But in the fine print you will often find; “discussed with patient and they fully understand and has decided to proceed with treatment” or something of this message. So who and where does the responsibility really hit?  The patient decided based on a FULL UNDERSTANDING?

This is a perfect time to recall; Consumer beware!  The article Who is Coordinating Your Care is available on VHCS website and it discusses the need from a lack of coordination of care.

Physicians and hospitals, are also in a tuff spot with the New Healthcare Model. They do want to provide the best at all levels. Most really do try and usually accomplish the goal as well as possible. But remember they are going through constant CHANGE too.

So, reach out a get a little help from your friends at VHCS.

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