Circle of Life

I seem to do my best reflection early in the morning. Today I was thinking about how committed I am to educating the healthcare consumer and how drastic a need there is today for this to be happening. Healthcare is moving towards a patient centered model but the world seems to have forgotten the patient (consumer) will need to know what they need to be responsible for in this new healthcare model.

The patient in this case is no different that the uninformed employee. We cannot expect people to perform at any level of competence if they are not both aware of the responsibility and knowledge or how to accomplish the tasks they have been given.

When I was growing up I was very active in 4-H. This organization taught the importance of Head, Heart, Hands and Health. As an adult the 4-H’s remain a major focus of my life!

The 4-H’s are essentially the goal of VHCS;

Head= Educate

Heart= Advocate

Hands= Service

Health= Healthcare

So as a member of the “NEW HEALTHCARE” I encourage you as the consumer to engage and learn all you can about the care being provided. That includes advice, medications, suggested treatments and procedures to long term care situations either for yourself or family/ loved ones.

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