Choosing Mobility

Best Mobility Device for Your Needs


Mobility is important to all of us and it becomes a bit of a challenge at certain times in our life. Physicians want you to remain as active as possible for as long as possible. Moving to a mobility device often times promotes immobility. The old saying “use it or loose it” is very applicable in this situation. However, when a mobility device is needed do you know what you need to know?


When searching for a mobility device to help you stay active, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options available. Finding a home medical equipment (HME) dealer who listens to your needs is important, but it helps to learn as much as you can and be a well-informed consumer.


If your device is going to be paid for my Medicare, Medicaid or other Insurance it is important to educate yourself prior to beginning the hunt. Medicare provides a detailed algorithm to help in defining the level of device for your specific needs. There are many questions you need to answer while determining the best mobility device for your individual needs.


If Medicare/ Medicaid are paying you will need a doctor appointment with your doctor to determine the type of mobility device that is best for your needs. This visit must be for the sole purpose of “Mobility Assessment”.  During the visit your doctor will also need to accurately complete paperwork to validate your specific need for the device they are requesting. Truthfully, this paperwork can be a challenge.


Some questions for your consideration:

  • Where will you be using the device
  • Do you need any type of customized seating
  • Do the controls provide a safe and comfortable experience
  • Size matters- will it fit in and out of your house, in and out of your vehicle
  • Do you need treaded tires
  • Cost vs Value? Who is paying for what?


At the end of the day, you know your needs and abilities better than anyone else. Your safety is the number one goal. Asking the tough questions in advance will help you to get the best mobility device for your needs.


Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services is available to assist with the above questions, to attend doctor appointment with you to ensure you not only get the best device for your needs but also to be a resource for the doctor to complete all the paperwork correctly. This could help avoid repeat visits to get it correct. So give us a call 989 600-2208 for details.