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Choosing Mobility

Best Mobility Device for Your Needs


Mobility is important to all of us and it becomes a bit of a challenge at certain times in our life. Physicians want you to remain as active as possible for as long as possible. Moving to a mobility device often times promotes immobility. The old saying “use it or loose it” is very applicable in this situation. However, when a mobility device is needed do you know what you need to know?


When searching for a mobility device to help you stay active, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options available. Finding a home medical equipment (HME) dealer who listens to your needs is important, but it helps to learn as much as you can and be a well-informed consumer.


If your device is going to be paid for my Medicare, Medicaid or other Insurance it is important to educate yourself prior to beginning the hunt. Medicare provides a detailed algorithm to help in defining the level of device for your specific needs. There are many questions you need to answer while determining the best mobility device for your individual needs.


If Medicare/ Medicaid are paying you will need a doctor appointment with your doctor to determine the type of mobility device that is best for your needs. This visit must be for the sole purpose of “Mobility Assessment”.  During the visit your doctor will also need to accurately complete paperwork to validate your specific need for the device they are requesting. Truthfully, this paperwork can be a challenge.


Some questions for your consideration:

  • Where will you be using the device
  • Do you need any type of customized seating
  • Do the controls provide a safe and comfortable experience
  • Size matters- will it fit in and out of your house, in and out of your vehicle
  • Do you need treaded tires
  • Cost vs Value? Who is paying for what?


At the end of the day, you know your needs and abilities better than anyone else. Your safety is the number one goal. Asking the tough questions in advance will help you to get the best mobility device for your needs.


Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services is available to assist with the above questions, to attend doctor appointment with you to ensure you not only get the best device for your needs but also to be a resource for the doctor to complete all the paperwork correctly. This could help avoid repeat visits to get it correct. So give us a call 989 600-2208 for details.

Patient Rights Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities


Your doctor is considered the subject matter expert for healthcare related to the reason you are seeing that particular doctor. Cardiologist take care of your heart and circulation, Orthopedist takes care of your bones, and so forth. When you hire an expert, it is a good idea to follow their advice or at least discuss options if you disagree.

As the patient (the consumer) you have rights and with rights come responsibilities. Your rights are to know and understand why care is ordered and how it is to be carried out. It is that right of knowing that provides you the responsibility of doing or following those directions.

Doctors order care, nurses explain and educate on the care, patients carry out the care and ask questions as needed. Your individual healthcare is a team approach and you are the most important person on the team. If you do not understand your care and follow the doctor orders, there is no way you will achieve the best results. So why is following doctor orders important; to get as healthy as possible and or to achieve the best pain control. All this is to provide a higher level of quality life.

If you do not know or understand why a doctor is prescribing you certain meds and or treatments ask your doctor or have someone you trust go with you or call the doctor’s office for you and find out. It is your right and responsibility to know and understand. Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services is available to assist with learning more about your particular health situation, medications and or treatments.

Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services can also provide suggestions to other agencies that provide personal hands on care when needed and other community resources.

Medication List

Importance of Home Medication List

The “home medication list” is a very critical piece of information in the safe and effective care of everyone. Keeping an updated list of not only the medication but other details will provide necessary information to your doctors that can make big differences in your health.

The devil is in the detailsJ.  If you do not already have a list of your medications with the following details please make one today, keep a copy with you at all times and remember to update after each doctor appointment. It is also important that a family member or a friend that is your healthcare advocate maintains an updated list.

Med Name How Taken

(by mouth, on skin, shot..)


(10 mg….)


(every 6 hours, 3 times a day)

Why Taken

(why do you take this med)

Last Taken

(if stop taking record when)


(who ordered this med)



When considering your medications; all medications regardless if prescribed by a doctor or if taken from over the counter (vitamins, pain meds, nutritional supplements, others) needs to be included for an accurate listing. The importance of this list cannot be emphasized enough. It isn’t just the medications but the potential interaction of some medications that can become a major issue. Incomplete or wrong medication list can be a major cause for medication errors at the time of being admitted to the hospital or when undergoing any medical procedure. On Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services website we have a link  that also addresses this important topic.

Some basic understanding of why this is so important are listed below:

  1. Helps the doctor to know what is working or has worked in the past
  2. Some drugs can imitate physical symptoms (dizziness, fast heart rate, general fatigue and others)
  3. If incorrect information is given at any time then you may begin taking the wrong medication, or the wrong amount and that could lead to serious issues.
  4. Some medications should not be taken together and if multiple doctors are prescribing medications they each need to know what the others are ordering.

So, take time and make that list NOW!

Do Not Go Alone

How many times did we hear from our parents and then as parents tell our children, “Do Not Go Alone”?

Well I am here today to tell you Do Not Go Alone into the Healthcare World. If you are not familiar with this world you will easily become lost and or confused very quickly. The fear will drive you to doing whatever “others” tell you just so you can get out of that world and hopefully back to the world you do know.

Healthcare has and continues to be a changing animal. Healthcare industry actually has created many jobs around “change in healthcare”, “consumer focused healthcare” and “patient satisfaction”. Healthcare seems to be moving towards a model of selling something and the consumer buys without much if any research. But in the fine print you will often find; “discussed with patient and they fully understand and has decided to proceed with treatment” or something of this message. So who and where does the responsibility really hit?  The patient decided based on a FULL UNDERSTANDING?

This is a perfect time to recall; Consumer beware!  The article Who is Coordinating Your Care is available on VHCS website and it discusses the need from a lack of coordination of care.

Physicians and hospitals, are also in a tuff spot with the New Healthcare Model. They do want to provide the best at all levels. Most really do try and usually accomplish the goal as well as possible. But remember they are going through constant CHANGE too.

So, reach out a get a little help from your friends at VHCS.

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Importance of Knowing Home Medications

What medications do you take?  Do you have a list of your medications with you? When was the last time this list was updated?

The above are all questions you hear every time you visit a doctor, hospital, emergency department, dentist office or really about any place you are going to receive medical attention.

Not having an accurate home medication list is a huge concern at the time a patient is admitted to the hospital or sees a physician where medications need to be addressed. Medication errors are common and can significantly harm patients. An important component is the medication history, which is often incomplete and inaccurate. Current studies suggest that this is a common and worldwide problem. (Medication Errors: The Importance of a Medication History!po=34.2105)

Please keep a log of your medications to include the name, dosage, how often you take it and who ordered it for you and why.
This list of medications needs to include all prescribed medications and all that you take from over the counter.

Also keep an updated list with you at all times for your own medications and anyone that you are responsible for their medical decisions.


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Circle of Life

I seem to do my best reflection early in the morning. Today I was thinking about how committed I am to educating the healthcare consumer and how drastic a need there is today for this to be happening. Healthcare is moving towards a patient centered model but the world seems to have forgotten the patient (consumer) will need to know what they need to be responsible for in this new healthcare model.

The patient in this case is no different that the uninformed employee. We cannot expect people to perform at any level of competence if they are not both aware of the responsibility and knowledge or how to accomplish the tasks they have been given.

When I was growing up I was very active in 4-H. This organization taught the importance of Head, Heart, Hands and Health. As an adult the 4-H’s remain a major focus of my life!

The 4-H’s are essentially the goal of VHCS;

Head= Educate

Heart= Advocate

Hands= Service

Health= Healthcare

So as a member of the “NEW HEALTHCARE” I encourage you as the consumer to engage and learn all you can about the care being provided. That includes advice, medications, suggested treatments and procedures to long term care situations either for yourself or family/ loved ones.

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