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Choosing Mobility

Best Mobility Device for Your Needs   Mobility is important to all of us and it becomes a bit of a challenge at certain times in our life. Physicians want you to remain as active as possible for as long as possible. Moving to a mobility device often times promotes immobility. The old saying “use … Continue reading Choosing Mobility

Patient Rights Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities   Your doctor is considered the subject matter expert for healthcare related to the reason you are seeing that particular doctor. Cardiologist take care of your heart and circulation, Orthopedist takes care of your bones, and so forth. When you hire an expert, it is a good idea to follow … Continue reading Patient Rights Responsibilities

Medication List

Importance of Home Medication List The “home medication list” is a very critical piece of information in the safe and effective care of everyone. Keeping an updated list of not only the medication but other details will provide necessary information to your doctors that can make big differences in your health. The devil is in … Continue reading Medication List

Do Not Go Alone

How many times did we hear from our parents and then as parents tell our children, “Do Not Go Alone”? Well I am here today to tell you Do Not Go Alone into the Healthcare World. If you are not familiar with this world you will easily become lost and or confused very quickly. The … Continue reading Do Not Go Alone

Importance of Knowing Home Medications

What medications do you take?  Do you have a list of your medications with you? When was the last time this list was updated? The above are all questions you hear every time you visit a doctor, hospital, emergency department, dentist office or really about any place you are going to receive medical attention. Not … Continue reading Importance of Knowing Home Medications

Circle of Life

I seem to do my best reflection early in the morning. Today I was thinking about how committed I am to educating the healthcare consumer and how drastic a need there is today for this to be happening. Healthcare is moving towards a patient centered model but the world seems to have forgotten the patient … Continue reading Circle of Life