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Hello, I am Vicki Southern; “Vic” the owner and founder of Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1974 and there is not a day that I do not say “Thank God” I chose such a rewarding, challenging and versatile profession to provide such a strong platform for my personal identify. When asked who I am the only definer that beats out “I’m a Nurse” is “I’m a Mom”.

Amazingly I have learned that both not only require but demand unconditional love for others and self. Currently I am a Master’s Prepared Registered Nurse and my work’s focus is searching for and providing variable solutions within the rapidly changing healthcare market to aid in assisting others to demonstrate unconditional love to their family, friends and self.

My name and contact information is on every piece of marketing material; I want to meet and get to know every person that engages with Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services. One of our strongest attributes is making connections with other resources and expanding a team to exceed every request with respect, dignity and within their financial means.

I pledge to “Be Present” to you, your family, and your referrals at a very personal level from our initial meeting throughout your need for Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services.

Please give me a call to explore potential solutions for your current healthcare needs: Vic (989) 205-0511