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Hello, I am Vic and Welcome to Vic’s Healthcare Concierge Services. Thank you for visiting. Please let me know how we may best advocate and educate you on any health related topics.

Navigating healthcare is difficult to understand and often confusing to say the least. VHCS's goal is to provide advocacy and education for you the healthcare consumers. We do this through assisting you with management of your health. You are the owner of your health and it's outcomes, there is a huge team ready to assist, but you are at the center of that team.

Health Management requires identification of related health risk. Education and monitoring of those risks are VHCS’s goal. By decreasing RISK, associated healthcare cost and resources decrease based on knowledge sharing from VHCS’s healthcare teams.

Patient centered healthcare (the new healthcare model) requires informed decision making by the patient and their family. Patients are being held accountable to carry out the directions of physicians and other providers. What happens when you don’t understand the directions?
The goal of this company is to listen to your healthcare related questions/ confusions, research the latest information and to educate you on the findings related to your questions. All choices remain yours to decide. We educate and you make all the decisions.

I trust you will find our work beneficial and look forward to meeting and working with you.